Saturday, September 21, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

Seven Quick Takes- Autumn's Here

1. Leftovers for Lunch

While going through the process of joining The Catholic Church 2 1/2 years ago, the family decided that we would abstain from meat on Fridays throughout the year. This has been a challenge sometimes, but usually it's pretty simple. For example, for my lunch today, I enjoyed leftover tomato soup to which I added a couple spoonfuls of my homemade chunky tomato sauce from the fridge.

I topped it with homemade croutons found in the freezer along with freshly shredded Romano cheese and some chopped cilantro. Sometimes, being creative with not much in the kitchen has its advantages- I was able to drizzle the whole thing with a bit of white truffle oil. I'm wondering if it might have been too much for a Faithful Friday lunch! 

2. Autumn Sweaters

A month or so ago, I found a couple of lovely cardigans at our local Value Village. I haven't been able to wear them due to the warm weather we've been having. I was really happy to hear the weather report calling for rain and colder weather for the next week or so. Not only will my plants get the water they've been needing, but I'll have an actual reason for pulling out my autumn sweaters and wearing them.

3. "Son-sickness"
David and Joshua at a regency ball in Portland

I know this is the time of life that I should be enjoying the relative quiet in my house. With only Mary and Brian at home, it's really quiet most of the time. That being said, I have been "son-sick" this week (see #4 below for another explanation) and really missing the boys. The first week of school or so, I talked with David a few times, but I haven't actually talked with him for over a week now. I've only talked with Josh for a little while last Saturday. Granted, it is supposed to be this way, and I am super proud of them, but I have found myself missing even dorky comments. This is, I guess, a reminder to hug your kids while they're home, and pray for them even when they're not!

4. P.M.S. Strikes Again

Thinking about the Old Testament and how women who were "unclean" were sent out of camp reminds me of how I should sometimes be "sent out of camp" during a certain week of the month. I've seriously thought of asking Brian to make me a shack in the backyard for those times when I just shouldn't be around anyone else. The good thing is, I am finally realizing when it starts to happen, so I can generally keep my mouth shut. Maybe, by the time I get through menopause, I'll either have that shack built or be able to control myself!

5. Craft Rooms and Other Conundrums 
Another idea...
The only time I've ever had a craft/sewing room that didn't double as a dining room, schoolroom, home office, laundry room, etc. was when Brian and I were first married. We had a two bedroom apt. for about a year where we used the second bedroom for a storage/guest/sewing/craft room. As I didn't do very many crafts or sewing back then, and we didn't have many guests, it was more storage than anything else. Well, now that the boys are gone (don't worry, I'm not crying on my iPad) Mary is helping me turn Joshua's room into a craft/sewing room. The conundrum comes as we try to figure out just what it should look like. As wonderful as Pinterest is, we haven't found just what I want. This is where having virtually no budget but, thankfully, a lot of imagination, comes in to play. I started painting a dresser we will be using as well as the closet doorway trim, and hopefully we will get to do some more this week. Can't wait to use our little craft room under the eaves!

6. It's Off to Work I Go

Baked Goods at
Fordyce Farms
Fencing at SCF
Lately, I've been feeling a bit like the dwarves when heading off to work. As the weather changes, the baking at Fordyce Farms is slowing down a bit. Thankfully, I am still there a couple days a week getting to make some delicious tea breads, scones and tea cakes along with cinnamon rolls and helping with the amazing pies. There's also a hay fort, pumpkin patch and corn maze, so October should be a lot of fun!
Of course, this doesn't mean I am sitting around the rest of the week as my time teaching and coaching at SCF is increasing. With the school year starting, so does the Salem Middle School Fencing League which I get to not only coordinate, but also get to work with these great middle schoolers in practice and meets. I've also got a new bunch of epeeists on Wednesday nights (all tween & teen boys). As my boss said, "Your boys may be gone, but now you've got these." It made me stop and think how blessed I am to have the opportunity to work with all of my students.

7. Getting to Know You

During the cleaning and moving of the boys' rooms, I took the time to clean Josh and David's books before transferring them to the bookshelves in the "new" shared bedroom. One of the joys during this process was getting to look at what books they both own. I had taken time earlier this summer to go through David's with him as he gleaned his things before going to school, so I pretty much knew what he had. I was pleased to see he kept some of the books he loved reading as a youngster, especially the Redwall series by Brian Jacques. Going through Joshua's books took a while longer as he has a mini-library~and that's with getting rid of a large number of books over the last few years. I was excited to find some I hadn't before seen. One that caught my eye is called At The Cross With Mary by John Joseph D. Schweska. It is the story of Saint Gabriel of the Sorrowful Virgin. It is not only his biography, but also has a series of daily devotions. It is a wonderful book, and I would highly recommend it- especially for anyone who is going through a time of life when decisions are having to be made.

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