Saturday, July 11, 2009

Middle of the Earth Food

So, we are in Quito, Ecuador and the food is so deliciosa!! After being concerned about not having somewhere to get good coffee, my fears vanished as a cup of steamed milk to which I added nescafe and chocolate along with a spoon a raw sugar. The rest of breakfast at our hostel consisted of Ecuadorian bread- totally fresh, great scrambled eggs and fresh fruit nectar. We then went to Pollo Campare (a fast food chain popular in Latin America) where I had arroz con pollo. Mary and I were wanting to get some tres leches cake, but we were just too full. Hopefully, we´ll get back there maƱana!

We also visited the Mitad Del Mundo (middle of the earth) today. Among the beautiful views and monuments were great little shops and lots of good restaurants. It was interesting trying to figure out where to feed the 29 of us, but we decided on Calima- a really cute place with authentic Ecuadorian food. I decided to try the chicken soup which was wonderful while Mary had corn on the cob, fresh mozarella and beans that are something like a cross between lima and fava beans. It was good as well as interesting, but she was very happy with her dessert of vanilla ice cream. We also tried an empanada that would be worth going back for more!

After we arrived back "home" at the hostel, we decided to go around the corner to the bakery for some goodies. I ended up buying some cookies as well as a couple of sweet rolls. The amazing thing about the food is how fresh it all is!

I will post some photos as soon as I can. We´ve got some great ones of dinner tonight that be sure to make your mouth water- or you´re just not hungry!! For now, buenos noches as I am going to go enjoy my sweets!

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