Thursday, July 9, 2009

Eating On A Jet Plane

Tomorrow morning- bright and early- my youngest daughter and I will be boarding a plane heading to Quito, Ecuador. This will be Mary's first trip out of the country, let alone on a plane. We are heading- with 25 other folks- to Macas, Ecuador to work at Emmanuel Christian School doing an ESL/VBS for two weeks as well as painting the school. I will also get the opportunity to teach a cooking class for 60 women along with one of the gals from our group.

One of the parts of the trip I am most looking forward to is, of course, the food. I even went so far to call our airlines, Continental, to find out if we'd be having to pay for food on the plane. Much to my surprise, the very nice Maria with Continental let me know they do not charge for food on their planes. I found out we will be getting more than just peanuts or pretzels~ maybe not a 5-course meal, but it will be food, and it will be free!

I plan on journaling about our adventure and all the new foods we'll get the opportunity to try! Hopefully, I'll even be able to share some delicious recipes that I learn in Ecuador!!

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