Thursday, March 10, 2016

{pretty, happy, funny, real} Mangia Mamma style

After so many years of enjoying the blog Like Mother, Like Daughter and especially their Thursday feature {pretty, happy, funny, real}, I've decided to jump on the bandwagon and add my little bit to the link up. If you happen here and haven't been on their site be sure to head over there ASAP. So much great advice from Auntie Leila as well as great posts from all her girls.                                                     

{more happy}

I must admit this may seem a bit self-serving as I get to show off a couple of my oratories. I haven't done an actual post on the new ones I've been making, but then again, I haven't been blogging much at all lately. So, here are a couple examples that make me very happy. The top one is the little pocket oraatory I sent to Auntie Leila as a thank you for her encouragement. She in turn was kind enough to post about it, and let me do a giveaway. How fun it was to make one for Hannah in Pennsylvania!
I've even made a few that have gone overseas. The bottom photo one is a special custom order I did that will be going to France (hence the French prayer). It has been such a blessing and joy to make these as it's a little way for me to help others draw closer to Christ through prayer.
With that in mind, I've also started making little wool felt Rosary cases. They have an image of Our Blessed Mother on them as well as a prayer. There are lots of choices of images and prayers which is a fun way to personalize your case. Just like the pocket oratories, you can find them at my Etsy shop, Piccolo Di Luce.

Jospehine {funny}
Solomon {funny}
I guess with all going on in our family that the {funny} is sometimes hard to find. Thankfully, even with the kids gone, our dog and cats keep us entertained. I'm not sure if that's a sign that we're not getting out enough, but it could be. Nonetheless, it's a humorous sight to see the three kitties jumping on our bed like a small herd of starving animals every morning, making me glad they are all fairly small for cats. Here's at least two of the three trying to look at least somewhat cute, if not funny!!

The last part is a bit more of the {real}. We are starting the process of trying to finally remodel the house (after 20 years of living in it). Between Brian's OCD and my Meniere's Disease, it will be quite a feat if we pull it off. This is where I finally realized this morning- sometimes it takes me a while to use my brain- that we need to not only be on the same page, but we need to be praying together for each aspect of this endeavor. I am hoping this draws us closer to both each other and to our Lord. It just can't get much more {real} than that.
{real} kitchen is on the remodel list
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  1. Thanks Jenny! I grew up without cats as my folks don't like them. We never thought we'd have them either until we brought Solomon home to try to save him. After that, we ended up with the three. Our little black Daphne doesn't like photos much, so there's just the two. I have to admit I'm grateful for them
    as they make me laugh (and keep my lap warm when my Meniere's hits)!!