Friday, July 11, 2014

From Guilt to Gratefulness

Little did I ever expect to find myself writing this post from sear #42 on a tour bus bound for the Sisters Quilt Show. 
I had been at Mom's yesterday finishing up a quilt for On The Stitch when my sister, Dawn, appeared at the door. After greeting her with a big hug, I asked what brought her to Salem. She told me she was up to go with mom on the annual Greenbaum's bus trip to central Oregon. I have thought about going sometimes, but with my work schedule, thinking has been as far as I have ever gotten. I mentioned to Mom and Dawn to remind me next year, and maybe I could arrange my schedule to go. Mom then got on the phone with Lisa- Greenbaum's manager- to ask if the aspect happened to be any room left. After Lisa called back, it was determined that 1) yes, there was a seat, 2) there was room at the hotel, and 3) what did I want for dinner Friday. 
Not being one to do much spontaneous anymore, I immediately texted Fordyce's to ask about getting this morning off, called Mary to see if she'd teach for me tonight, and talked with Brian to make sure it was okay.
Obviously, since I already said I am on the bus, it all worked out. It felt weird this morning as the guilt of not working to do something which still feels frivolous hit me. I am not sure why this guilt, but it is moving into less of that and more of gratefulness. Gratefulness for a mom and sister who let me barge in on their already planned trip. Gratefulness for employers who are kind enough to  let me take today off. Gratefulness to a daughter who is willing to step out of her comfort zone to let her mom "run away" for a day and a half. Gratefulness for a husband who, after taking a couple of deep breaths, said it was not only okay for me to come, but financed this little last minute adventure.
I am looking forward to seeing all I can today and tomorrow. I want to continue to work on this gratefulness thing so as to spread it to others, and this trip should give me lots of opportunities to practice.    

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