Friday, July 11, 2014

Sisters & Moms & Quilts, Oh My

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I've figured out that quilters, no matter what age, hometown or cultural background, all have a creative streak to them that comes out when visiting a quilt show together. Such was the case a couple of weeks ago at the annual Sisters, Oregon Quilt Show. Visiting three quilt shops along with the 57 other women on the Greenbaum's bus was a lesson in likes & not-so-much. Some of the ladies tended to gravitate towards traditional designs and muted colors while others enjoy bright modern looks. The best part was there were fabrics & patterns for everyone. While I enjoyed The Stitchin' Post and Sew Many Quilts, QuiltWorks was my favorite shop visited Friday. Not only were Dave and Marylin, the store's owners, patient and kind, but the shop had a great selection of fabrics, notions and samples of many quilts. They also have a quilt gallery on a second floor that's like a mezzanine which circles the bottom floor. The challenge contest theme was "make me laugh". Here are a few examples-

And my favorite- 

Saturday morning in Sisters started out with a stop at Angeline's Bakery for some goodies and coffee. Mom had been there before, so she knew we'd like it. She was right! The coffee was good and the baked goods even better. We shared some scones and one of the best cinnamon rolls this side of mine I've ever eaten. 

We then joined the approximately 12,000 quilt enthusiasts that attend the show. Mom, Dawn and I strolled along the streets of Sisters oohing & ahhing at some amazing quilts. I have always been fascinated by the artistic quality of modern quilts, and there were a good selection of beautiful ones everywhere I looked.

Since this was my first time at the show, I just wanted to enjoy things which is exactly what I did! I am really grateful to my mom and sis for letting me tag along, and I am already looking forward to next year's Sisters weekend!

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