Monday, April 29, 2013

Just Another Mangia Monday

Spring has sprung!
The Burrow sign on our front porch
Have you ever gotten tired of what everyone else calls "gorgeous weather"? The sun has been working overtime here in the mid-Willamette valley over the last week which should make me a happy person. To be totally honest, however, I wouldn't mind a bit of rain right now. Sorry to say this to all my happy Salemite friends who have started putting away sweaters and boots in exchange for birkenstocks and capris. The whole sunshiny thing, along with my youngest on hyper-garden mode, has made it a busy week at "The Burrow" ~quick explanation: in the Harry Potter books, the Weasley's home is known as "The Burrow". The girls have decided our home is much like theirs- without quite so many kids- so for Christmas this past year they made me a sign for the front porch which you can see!Anyway, Mary has decided to tackle the yards, both front and back, this summer. As we have at least one summertime party coming up in the next few months, I am in full agreement with her gumption and ideas. This, however, has caused a bit of consternation on my part, not to mention a few sore muscles in places I forgot I had them. Instead of whining, I figured I should just go along with it as it's been sort of a cross-training program for fencing! After working with her for a few days in our backyard, it actually is starting to look a little like what we've been envisioning. Of course, now we just need to wait to see what will grow as well as waiting to have a little "extra" cash for barkdust.
Wheat bread beginnings
Bread making time!
While we're waiting- even though the sun is still shining its' rays down on us- I have spent this Monday morning in my usual manner, in the kitchen baking the weeks worth of bread. Today I made the regular loaves of  white bread, but I am also trying a whole wheat recipe from Pinterest via I have the two bowls of whole wheaty goodness- the preferment and the autolyse- sitting on the counter doing its' chemistry as well as two batches of Grandpa Aziz' bread 
Grandpa Aziz' bread dough
 to be made into bread. Sometimes I wake up Mondays and wonder why I bother baking bread, but then I remember how much better it tastes than any store bought bread plus how much money I am saving our family- part of my job as wife and mom. It's those thoughts that make me glad to be able to enjoy the little things at "The Burrow" on this Mangia Monday!

Ruby enjoying the yard
Our backyard lavendar and ranuculus
Strawberry plants in the wagon
Little fountain on my front porch

More front porch plantings

I just pulled out the bread and muffins from the oven and thought I'd share photos...

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