Monday, August 10, 2009

To Bake or Not To Bake

This past weekend was rather a lazy one for me~ or at least it felt like it most of the time as there were many opportunities to simply sit back and enjoy the blue sky and fluffy white clouds drifting by my gaze. Saturday morning found me up a little earlier than anticipated, no doubt thanks to Ruby- our wonderful but persistent black lab- who felt she must take the place of my alarm clock every morning, so she can go out to the yard for her morning constitutional. Anyway, I was up and having to decide whether or not to make breakfast. I choose not to, instead opting to wake up my husband (a momentous task all its' own) and convince him to take Mary and me to breakfast. After dropping off Joshua at the fencing salle for his morning work session, we headed to my new favorite place to break our fast. I have been to Word of Mouth Neighborhood Bistro a few times before, and I have yet to be disappointed. This time was no exception as I decided to take the plunge and try their "best of both worlds" which included a heaping serving of veggie hash AND prime rib hash as well as a couple of eggs (over medium, thank you) and a piece of delicious wheat toast. I had tried the veggie hash, but the prime rib was a new and most amazing taste for me. Generally, I am not a huge fan of prime rib, but I would eat it in their hash any day of the week!! Thankfully, I was able to spend a few hours working off my breakfast as I tended to the yard~ it had been woefully neglected while I was in Ecuador~ and I am sure some of the "extra" calories burned off!

Sunday morning came and along with it was the decision to bake something for breakfast before church or not. I decided to do a little kitchen "cheating" and make my version of pain du chocolat (or as my friend Lorie corrected me, "chocolate bread"). I don't usually make breakfast on Sunday mornings as we are rushing out the door, but being August, we didn't have to leave quite so early as there is no Sunday school during the month. Brian actually was up in time to not only put on a pot of coffee, but he helped me bake too (wonders will never cease)! With a hot cup of coffee and a couple of the pain du chocolat in front of me, I was ready for a great day~ no matter what it might hold!!


  1. You always make me laugh, Nanci! I'm loving your blog!!

  2. thanks Debbie- can't wait for you to be stateside, so we can try some fun food up in WA with you!!