Saturday, October 4, 2014

Saturday Scribblings- Little Things

Sitting here on this sunny October day with a house cleaner than it was just a few hours ago, I am feeling very grateful for the moment of calm. The girls are off working today while the boys are entering their third month of school- one 20 minutes away at seminary and one on the other side of the country. Brian's back at school this week along with a pretty bad bout of allergies. These two together have hit him full force. The good part for right now I have quiet for a bit of time.

I took the morning to do something I haven't been able to get to due to my work schedule, I cleaned the house. It started with me thinking that I should pay myself for cleaning then all of the sudden, I remembered St. Therese's little way and realized this could be a small sacrifice I could do. With that in my mind, I was able to get through the bathroom, kitchen and rest of downstairs without complaining. How much faster it seemed to go with a good attitude.
I even found a couple of embroidered linen pieces to decorate the reading chair and the Our Lady of Fatima corner. Little things can make a difference in our homes too. 

So now with house cleaning and breakfast behind me, I am looking forward to spending some time working on my October blocks of the month from the Greenbaum's First Fridays class. Each block is a little part of a bigger thing, and now I'm thinking to whom I may give the finished quilt. I'm also enjoying listening to EWTN's radio show, The Good Fight with Barabra McGuigan. She always spurs me on to a stronger Catholic life.

This is why I am looking forward to attending not only Mass tomorrow, but also taking part in the life chain in Salem. It may only seem like a little thing, but sometimes that's all that we are called to do.

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