Friday, June 14, 2013

Seven Quick Takes Friday

As I sit here starting this today, I am listening as I often do, to EWTN radio. The show on right now is Women of Grace with Johnnette Benkovic. She's actually talking about something that's been on my mind this week~ control. I have once again realized how much I want to be in control,

but how, as a daughter of Christ, I need to keep surrendering my control to Him. Case in point- my food budget is smaller this month as we are trying to 1)be able to pay off some "extra" bills, and 2)cut down on spending overall. My stress level started rising as Brian and I started arguing about this last week. I finally realized I don't need to worry or try to be in control, and this week has gone much better. Control isn't as important as I think it is, and I need to pray instead of push. Then I can do as the old saying, and "let go and let God."
As David graduates from Chemeketa Community College Tuesday night and gets ready to head to Christendom College in August, I am realizing that Brian and I are closer to the "empty nest" thing. Mary will be the only one living at home, and she's planning on taking classes at Chemeketa as well as working this fall. 

I kept thinking this would not be hitting me as hard as it is, but I am starting to freak out just a bit. As there have been quite a few days this summer that all of the kids are gone, I don't know if I am all that excited about not having anyone home. It's not that I want to control their lives (see #1 above), I just really enjoy my kids right now. You've probably heard to enjoy all the moments with your kids as the time will fly by, and it's TRUE. Be sure to hug your kids today for you'll be saying goodbye sooner than you think.

I've been reading George Weigel's biography of Blessed John Paul ll, and I highly recommend it. As someone who knew very little about JPll (since I was not a practicing Catholic at the time of his pontificate), this book has helped me realize what a wonderful man he was. To be honest, it's a really thick book, but Mr. Weigel writes in an easy to read style that is also very engaging. If you want to learn more about the man many people call, John Paul the Great, be sure to pick up a copy.

The annual Salem Right to Life Rummage Sale starts this Wednesday (6/19) at St.Joseph's Church- corner of Cottage and Center Streets, in Salem. Trust me, if you are looking for almost anything, you will find it here and at a good price. Last year I picked up a like-new couch cover; two brand new bras- normally not what I'd be picking up at a rummage sale, but they were from Lane Bryant and had tags; a belgian waffle maker, and a cassock for Josh to use at school when he serves (yep, a well tailored cassock that fit him perfectly). So, as you can see, they do have LOTS of stuff. David's working at the Knights of Columbus concession stand, and I'll probably be working the floor, so be sure to stop by. You'll not only be able to pick up some great stuff, but also be helping the babies!
--- 5 ---
I read the book of Tobit this week. It is one of the Old Testament books that I really enjoy and learn from at the same time. The U.S.C.C.B. website says this about it:
The Book of Tobit, named after its principal character, combines Jewish piety and morality with folklore in a fascinating story that has enjoyed wide popularity in both Jewish and Christian circles. Prayers, psalms, and words of wisdom, as well as the skillfully constructed story itself, provide valuable insights into the faith and the religious milieu of its unknown author. 
If you've never read it, you should. It has lessons for everyone, and especially for those of us who are looking at trying to have a good marriage.
David and I took some of our friends up to Portland Airport yesterday morning as they are traveling back east to see family as well as visit a couple of perspec- tive colleges for their daughter. Whenever we get the chance to head up that way,we also try to do something else. This time, it was a trip to IKEA.
It did have abit of a purpose as Mary had asked me to pick up a couple of storageboxes for her. Well, it happened to still be breakfast time, and neither of us had eaten before we left. We were able to enjoy the IKEA "big breakfast" that hadscrambled eggs, sausage for me, bacon for David, a scoop of home fries and three french toast sticks. He also had some orange juice while I enjoyed a decent cup of FREE coffee- thanks to my IKEA family card. We ended up sharing a plate of Swedish Pancakes with cream and lignonberry jam. Not only was it filling and tasty,but it was cheap! The whole thing was about $7. We then walked around, as one must do when one visits IKEA before picking up the boxes, a pair of slippers and a really cool wire mesh basket that I am going to use for something cool (haven't quite figured out what yet). It was a great trip.
Trip to IKEA: $16.00
One on One Time with David: Priceless
I actually have the day off tomorrow from not only work, but from any outside activity. As the house and yard are in sore need of work, I won't be just sitting around, but I am excited about getting the place ready for our Nativity of St. John the Baptist Celebration next Sunday. The weather is supposed to be nice, as far as I know, so I'll get to put on my "Martha Stewart" outfit- not really her brand or anything, I just imagine her wearing something like it- and add some beauty to the yard.
We'll finish up the day with my NY style pizza and probably head over to our 
friends house, where Josh is housesitting, to watch a movie and eat popcorn!
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