Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Friends

As anyone who has read any of my posts in the last couple of months knows, I am totally enamored with Pinterest. I'd like to blame my girls for this, but then again I am a mostly responsible middle-aging adult who has the choice to do with her day what she wants. I have been doing more projects and trying more new recipes since my new friendship with "P"~okay, it helps me rationalize to give it a personality~ although I have also probably wasted lots of time 

just "pinning". 

Now, in defense of this new friendship, I have also started following more blogs written by some terrific REAL LIVE people. These folks know how to do the blog-thing right! In fact, there are even a few I've subscribed to via email. As they write from the heart, reading their posts are very often like hanging out with my real-life friends (not to mention, I'd love to hang out with all of them too). Here are some of my picks:

One of my blog heroines is Jennifer Fulwiler of Conversion Diary. I have been reading Jennifer's blogs at NCR for a while now, and I finally decided to read/subscribe to her blog. She has a way of writing that makes people think, laugh & cry- in almost every post. She also has a video series, Minor Revisions, that I watched the other day (yes, all three episodes in one day), and I highly recommend it. This Friday I am starting doing a blog post using her "7 Quick Takes Friday" format which should be fun (at least for me)! 

Veronica from My Catholic Kitchen is always posting terrific recipes and ideas. I've been wanting to do some of her recipes plus join the others who take challenges to make recipes with certain ingredients or using certain cookbooks. This month's bundt cake challenge is using berries. I've got some ideas brewing, so be looking for it here!

Moxie Wife is written by Hallie Lord, a vibrant young wife and mom who has some wonderful ideas for marriage and life in general. Her "Five Favorites" has become an email that I look forward to reading every week. The cool thing is that lots of bloggers do this too and then link it back to Moxie Wife, and I've found some really fun blogs to read. Look for my first "five favorites" in an upcoming post! 

Katrina over at Splash of Something has a great thing going blog-wise too! She writes well and has recipes/ideas worth trying. Her latest recipe for Cinco De Mayo Vegetarian Enchiladas is one I am keeping in the file for a great Friday dinner!

Newest blog to follow is Camp Patton. I found this quite by accident as Grace, another lovely young wife and mom, was the guest blogger on Hallie's Five Favorites post for this week. I am looking forward to keeping up with Grace and her family!

In a world where we can spend so much time in computer-land, be sure to be picky about what you choose to read. I am blessed to have friends here in Salem, but I am also grateful for these women who share their lives with me. Take some time this week to meet some of them, and you just may find yourself with a new friend. 

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